Ronan Clinton has over 20 years of experience in warehouse and logistics. Having a keen interest in radio and wireless technologies from a young age, he studied telecommunication engineering in Kevin Street DIT which led to his introduction to wireless technology in the warehouse. With a strong passion for innovation and technological solutions, Ronan has been able to work with the world’s leading suppliers of wireless technologies to deliver real value solutions both within the 4 walls of a warehouse and further afield in transport solutions.

Recognising a gap in the market for mobile data solutions, Ronan opened the doors of Heavey RF as a sister company to Heavey Technology in 1999. What began with just two employees has grown to become a company of 40 employees across 3 countries with solutions deployed and supported in 33 countries and multiple languages.

In delivering real value everyday to the most challenging environments including Cold Stores, Ports and Container Yards, Ronan continues to invest and train in new ways of doing things better, faster, and more accurately. This is an ethos delivered from the top down through the entire company