In the life of ports, time is money. Virtually every minute gained or lost moving containers counts.

Fast, accurate and secure container movement is essential for maximum productivity and profitability. Hours, multiple moves, and idle time eat away at a company’s bottom line.

Ports are increasingly looking to new ways to handle increased volumes such as inland, intermodal facilities. Customers and security agencies are demanding improvements in the visibility and velocity of all aspects of container movement and tracking.

Aeriel time solutions enable terminal operators to maximise yard space utilisation and eliminate unproductive container moves and equipment idle time, resulting in reduced harbour fees, improved container accuracy and reduced loading and unloading times.

Located in Ireland (Dublin and Cork) and the UK (London), the Heavey RF engineers have been working in port and container yards for over 20 years and are familiar with using a mixture of all options such as narrowband.

Our customers stay with Heavey RF through many generations of equipment, trusting our expertise in this area, while valuing continuity of support and services.