Narrowband systems are a tried and trusted method of data communications when both distance and stability are required.

As a highly specialised area of RF communications, Heavey RF located in Ireland (Dublin and Cork) and the UK (London), is trained and certified at deploying and optimising such systems to ensure continuity across your operation.

Narrowband is ideal for large areas such as ports, container yards, railhead terminals, and large sites, where the implementation of WiFi technologies
are restrictive and costly.

Operating on licensed frequencies in most countries, the narrowband solution offers a protected and congestion-free frequency for wireless data transmission. This is suitable for character-based data exchange such as telnet connection, screen-based emulation (such as 5250, 3274 etc.) and bespoke solutions where distance and environment inhibit WiFi.

Heavey RF’s software experts can help to design the most optimised use of narrowband.

Heavey RF staff have been installing narrowband solutions
since 1995 and continue to optimise the use of this technology with deployments in over 20 countries worldwide.

Narrowband Technologies