In a world of ever increasing threats from cybercrime and data attacks, it is critical that every wireless solution is secured beyond the reach of would-be attackers.

Heavey RF located in Ireland (Dublin and Cork) and in the UK (London) provides wireless data solutions to the warehouse that ensures all attacks are detected and prevented.

When using standards-based technologies such as WiFi, it is important that your wireless data solution is locked down against all common methods of attack as well as protecting you from potential unidentified risks.

Heavey RF maintains numerous wireless solutions certifications and ongoing
training/certification to ensure that we are up to date on all threats and exposures.

We will work with your teams to ensure that we meet or exceed any existing security policies and enhance them through our experience of wireless deployments.

When using narrowband technology, our systems are inherently secured through proprietary radio communications which eliminates any risk of data capture or intrusion. Every wireless solution is connected to a wider network, which makes every deployment unique.

Heavey RF will work with you to tailor the most secure, optimised solution for your business needs.

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